Senin, 29 Oktober 2012

our face shape and hairstyle should match perfectly

Do you face shape and hairstyle match? Ideally they should match perfectly. For instance round face women should wear short length haircuts, while oval women should avoid keeping hairs that come too close to the face. There are some rules to follow when choosing the haircut. Probably you don’t know the rules buy your hairdresser does that is why the hairdresser is able to select matching haircut for you. Dressing hairs is an art and the basic of face shape and hairstyle is choosing a matching haircut. A person should always wear matching haircut. Or in other words you would feel comfortable only when you wear matching haircuts. The haircut should be convenient in making and also it shouldn’t require much maintenance. The first thing to do when searching for a matching haircut is determining your face type. Take a close on your face and determine its features. Look at the forehead, temples, cheeks, jaw line and chin. Full cheeks and wide jaw line makes round face and full cheeks with edges make square face. A narrow jaw line is a characteristic of oval shape, while a narrower chin shows that the person is oblong. Similarly you can find the difference between heart, rectangle and diamond shape. Learn about face types so that you know their features. Once you have enough knowledge about face types, you can try determining your face type on your own. It is an interesting and easy job that you can do by looking your face from different angles. Or you can ask your cousins and friends to help you in this job. Or you can take your hairdresser’s help to know your face type. Face shape and hairstyle should match and they would match only when you can find right haircut for your face. Every woman follows a celebrity and this is an ideal way to wear right haircuts. But you should find the celebrity that shares your facial features. Also you should wear the haircut that makes you comfortable. In short, you need to use formal hairdo that doesn’t require mush styling. When reading face shape and hairstyle, you would read about formal hairdos like bob cut. They type of style is simple, convenient and beautiful. Formal hairdo suits to baby boomers, office goers and seniors, who don’t much time for styling their hairs. With formal hairdos, you can wear a simple look. Another advantage of formal hairdos is that they suit to all the face types. About the Author Rick Sutton is a reputed hair stylist who is aware of a range of hair styles for different face shapes. The author has a vast experience in this segment.For more information visit Face Shape Hairstyle. Related Articles - hairstyle for round face, rectangular face, face shape and hairstyle, haircuts for round faces,

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