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How to Treat Arthritis

Arthritis is an extremely painful and potentially debilitating condition, which now affects over one in ten people in the developed world. It can lead to a reduced ability to carry out many of the essential tasks of daily life and often impair the sufferer's ability to do their job of work. There are many different types of arthritis, with varying symptoms, but most types involve some kind of inflammation of the joints, making movement difficult and often painful.

Treatment therefore should be directed towards the prevention or reduction of any debilitating damage that usually occurs during the early stage of rheumatoid arthritis. Treatment should also include patient rehabilitation. This will enable restoration of the patient's lost functions damaged during the early stage of the disease.

There are many solutions to try and help your arthritis, however they can really add up and get expensive. If you are looking for a cheap way to treat arthritis, then maybe you should look that getting a pair of arthritis gloves. Where you are looking at acquiring a pair gloves, there are quite a few things that you need to consider. Will you be wearing the gloves all the time, there are different kinds and you may need to buy more than one pair.

Pain relief is very important in the management of rheumatoid arthritis. This is usually done by the use of dry heat to the affected parts of the body. Pain relievers such as aspirin are often used as well.

One way that has been successful in easing the pain of arthritis is the application of hot compresses. Put hot water into a bowl. Make sure it is not too hot. Add three to six drops of an essential oil to the water. Make sure you use an oil with pain relieving properties such as chamomile, lavender or cinnamon. Put a sterile cotton cloth into the water. Wring out some excess water and place the cloth onto the bothersome area.

You may treat arthritis naturally with just 30 minutes of daily work out. But before you try any of the exercises it is advisable to consult your physician. As arthritis makes your bones weak so, your physician may let you know the kind of exercise that may be performed by you without any damages. You must perform some stretching exercises for 15 minutes.

Try massaging your fingers or other affected joints with coconut oil twice a day. Natural treatment for arthritis is usually a better choice because it's non-invasive to the body. Studies done on antioxidant vitamins question the value of these supplements; it's clearly better to consume these antioxidants in living foods because they may also need to work with other nutrients present in the foods to work properly.

Taking warm baths can offer relief from the discomfort and pain caused by arthritis as cold bathes may increase pain and discomfort. Many people also add Epson salts to warm bathwater - about three to four tablespoons. When taking such a bath make sure to stay in the water for a minimum of thirty minutes.

Surgical treatment. Surgery maybe recommended by your doctor in severe cases of hip joint problem. Surgical treatments include Osteotomy and Total Hip Arthroplasty (THA). Surgery is not for everybody, careful planning and diagnosis must be made before subjecting yourself under the knife.

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Allergy – A Better Understanding

Many have experience in their life to have allergy of different types from food, drugs, dust, pollen and other things in which can irritate your body. This irritation can cause our body to have skin rashes, asthma and anaphylactic shock.

First this is we need to understand what is allergy and why does it cause this effects in our body.

Allergy is described as hyperactive response of the immune system to certain foreign substance to our body may it be in touch, swallow, inhalation or injected. These substances are called allergens.

Simply If your body has been introduce through an unfamiliar substance such as eating of food, taking of new drug medication, dust, pollen or anything which can cause your body to react indifferently that may be a cause of allergy.

Allergy causes a person to have a severe discomfort and finding relief is very difficult. A person having this problem usually has swelling effect in the face and neck.

What are the known effects and how to take initial actions? There are three signs in which you are having allergy attack from your body.

Skin rashes is the first symptom that will come in mind, it is usually skin rashes which accompanied by other symptoms like fever or pain. Skin rashes cause severe discomfort or distress which lasts for more than 24 hours. The immediate treatment you can have is to apply cold compress or calamine lotion and never scratch the rashes.

Asthma is another symptom for allergy this effect can be noticed through difficulty with breathing. This may be from wheezing sound on breathing out, increased heart beat, increased pulse rate, speaking short sentences, and increasing anxiety and restlessness. How to initially treat this problem, if a person who is having an asthma attack has his inhaler let him take it until he finds comfort to be fine but if a person does not have an inhaler, let him lie down either on a table, or any comfortable support then provide a fresh air or just giving space which the person can breathe easily. Make sure to loosen any tighten clothes. Encourage the person to be calm and take even breaths.

Anaphylactic Shock is the most dangerous allergic response to foreign substance it is a serious condition that could be fatal. A person may notice such conditions as wide spread of body rash, swelling particularly on the face and neck. A person having this shock may also be experiencing profound anxiety, fast pulse, feeling of tight chest, difficulty breathing, and collapse and unconsciousness. In treating this problem, immediately rush the person to the nearest hospital.

Do not underestimate the problem of allergy especially if you think that you do not have this, every person can experience this problem.
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Why Teeth Turn Yellow

Teeth can turn yellow for several reasons: smoking, drinking dark colored beverages, antibiotics (tetracycline for example), aging, and genetics as well. All of these factors can very well contribute the dulling of your smile and the yellowing of your teeth, but how?

Cigarettes: small molecules from cigarette smoke attach themselves to the enamel of smokers' teeth while the smoke is being inhaled. These molecules accumulate over time and leave an unsightly yellow color on the teeth of smokers. These staining molecules are very difficult to remove and are the cause of the yellow stains on the teeth of smokers'.

Dark colored beverages: dark colored beverages yellow teeth in essentially the same manner as cigarettes. However, many dark colored beverages that we consume daily are slightly acidic and can aide the teeth yellowing process. The acid slowly breaks down portions of the tooth's enamel and over time, colored molecules attach themselves to the teeth. Also, the dentin is exposed through the lightly thinned enamel. Dentin is yellow in color and contributes to teeth yellowing as well.

Anitbiotics: antibiotics such as tetracycline taken during childhood while teeth were developing can contribute to the discoloration or slight greying of teeth as well. This is especially difficult to remove since the discoloration takes place within the teeth themselves. This is not impossible to treat but requires more attention and perhaps more sessions to remove.

Genetics: genetics play a significant role in the color of your teeth. Your genetics help determine the thickness of your enamel on your teeth and how the react to their environment (i.e. your mouth and what you put in it). Enamel is naturally white and the thicker it is, the whiter your teeth can appear.

Aging: The enamel on our teeth naturally thins as we age. Again, thin enamel lets the yellow color of the dentin underneath come through, making your teeth appear yellow. This, however, should not deter you from attempting achieve the best (whitest) results you can with your smile.

Rather, you can take hold and control the color of your smile by controlling what you eat and drink, and abstain form habits that will discolor your teeth. Cosmetic teeth whiting is very effective and you can achieve fantastic results in as little as 20-40 minutes, but it is up to you to maintain that new white smile. After you have whitened your teeth, you should eat healthy foods such as strawberries, cucumbers, and apples. These foods increase saliva which helps kill staining bacteria, and as a bonus, the fiber in these foods also cleans your teeth.

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How do you Fight Acne on Your Back?

When we reach puberty and the acne breakouts start to happen to those of us that are unlucky, there is a group who will get acne on the back, shoulders and upper arms. The acne in these areas are basically caused by the same things that cause acne on the face but the real reasons are really not known. These areas can be harder to treat because there are more sebaceous glands here and the skin seems to be thicker.

As far as treating back acne or bacne as it is referred to, you need to keep clean as best as possible. Sweating may or may not be the cause but it would sure make since to wash as often as reasonable and after excessive sweating to keep the pores clear. You may even try occasionally exfoliating the back with one of those soft mesh type wash cloths.

Try using a medicated cream made for acne. Use one with benzoyl peroxide or salicylic acid, you may find one works better for you than the other. Apply it to your skin after washing and give it time to dry before putting on a shirt, it may stain clothing. Also wear clean shirts as often as possible to help prevent reintroducing bacteria to the skin.

If you have a really tough case of acne it may be wise to see a dermatologist to help get rid of it. They would be able to prescribe stronger medicated creams or even an oral medication to clear it up.

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How to Detox THC from your body

There are many ways to complete a THC Detox. The minimum time they require are about 72 hours. THC is the chemical from marijuana that gives the person a high. THC can be in the user's body for up to a month. There are drinks that can hide the THC from showing during a test, but this is not the same as a THC detox. The THC will still show in your system after consuming the drink and its ability to hide the THC disappears. The main places where THC is stored are blood, urine, and hair. THC naturally detoxes from the body in about a 30 day period, but if a person needs to remove THC from his or her body more quickly, it can be done. It is a good idea to ask someone else who has taken one that worked because of all the different THC detox products on the market.

There are a lot of THC Detoxing kits available on the market. There are home tests that you can take yourself to see if you test positive for THC. These products you can get are shampoo that cleanses your hair of cemicals, THC Detox pills, detox drinks, and also a method of drinking cranberry juice and water. The prices for these cleanses can range from $25 to over $125. The method of drinking cranberry juice and water will cost you less than the other products. The issue with the last method is that it is not as reliable and not really known how fast it can detox your system of THC.

Because THC is stored in the hair, a normal THC detox will not remove it. If you are afraid of being tested by your hair follicles, then it is advised to purchase a special shampoo that removes toxins, including THC, from your hair.

Then there are the 24 hour drinks. These drinks can cost $40 a drink, and have instructions that are easy to follow. A lot of them will have a guarantee that says you will pass a THC test. Do not mistake these for a regular THC detox, as some of these drinks only hide THC from the tests. They require you to not eat a lot before you take the drink, and to drink water afterwards. It helps to urinate atleast three times while doing this method.

Packages for a THC detox can run up to $125 and include a self testing kit, THC detox drink, THC detox pills, tea, and THC hair detox shampoo. The time frame for this detox is around 10 days to complete, and it comes with a guarantee if you complete the whole 10 days as followed. You would begin by taking the pills, tea, and shampoo in the beginning days. The drink is saved for the day of the person is taking the test. The drink is effective 1 - 7 hours after you consume it. When preparing to consume the THC detox drink, it helps to drink water before and after to flush the toxins out.

All natural pills that are made for a THC detox cost up to $60. The process for detoxing the THC is around 7 days. The pills are made from natural herbs.

Last THC detox method you can do is drink a lot of water and cranberry juice. This method is primarily for people who aren't concerned about speed. I am unsure how fast this method flushes THC out of the body, but it is the least expensive.

To be certain you will test negative for THC, it is advised to stick with products that have a guarantee to work for a THC Detox.

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