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our face shape and hairstyle should match perfectly

Do you face shape and hairstyle match? Ideally they should match perfectly. For instance round face women should wear short length haircuts, while oval women should avoid keeping hairs that come too close to the face. There are some rules to follow when choosing the haircut. Probably you don’t know the rules buy your hairdresser does that is why the hairdresser is able to select matching haircut for you. Dressing hairs is an art and the basic of face shape and hairstyle is choosing a matching haircut. A person should always wear matching haircut. Or in other words you would feel comfortable only when you wear matching haircuts. The haircut should be convenient in making and also it shouldn’t require much maintenance. The first thing to do when searching for a matching haircut is determining your face type. Take a close on your face and determine its features. Look at the forehead, temples, cheeks, jaw line and chin. Full cheeks and wide jaw line makes round face and full cheeks with edges make square face. A narrow jaw line is a characteristic of oval shape, while a narrower chin shows that the person is oblong. Similarly you can find the difference between heart, rectangle and diamond shape. Learn about face types so that you know their features. Once you have enough knowledge about face types, you can try determining your face type on your own. It is an interesting and easy job that you can do by looking your face from different angles. Or you can ask your cousins and friends to help you in this job. Or you can take your hairdresser’s help to know your face type. Face shape and hairstyle should match and they would match only when you can find right haircut for your face. Every woman follows a celebrity and this is an ideal way to wear right haircuts. But you should find the celebrity that shares your facial features. Also you should wear the haircut that makes you comfortable. In short, you need to use formal hairdo that doesn’t require mush styling. When reading face shape and hairstyle, you would read about formal hairdos like bob cut. They type of style is simple, convenient and beautiful. Formal hairdo suits to baby boomers, office goers and seniors, who don’t much time for styling their hairs. With formal hairdos, you can wear a simple look. Another advantage of formal hairdos is that they suit to all the face types. About the Author Rick Sutton is a reputed hair stylist who is aware of a range of hair styles for different face shapes. The author has a vast experience in this segment.For more information visit Face Shape Hairstyle. Related Articles - hairstyle for round face, rectangular face, face shape and hairstyle, haircuts for round faces,

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The Essence Of Aromatherapy

When you say aromatherapy, you immediately think of lighting scented candles or putting potpourri into a basin. But what you did not know is that these candles and potpourris have essential oils that provide them with the essential properties that make aromatherapy such a hit; the scent. Essential oils are said to be the heart and soul of aromatherapy. This is perhaps because it is the one that provides the main material used in this process. Essential oils are found in plants. From its roots to its fruits, essential oils are in their different parts. In fact, there are some plants that can provide you with different essential oils. Others can only give you one scent although the oils can be extracted in different parts of the plants. Quality Of The Essential Oil Extracted Despite coming from natural plant sources, essential oils have different quality. Like many products, some are better than others. Quality of the essential oils will depend on the plant source, how it was grown, the climate where it was grown and the condition of the soil. For instance, a plant source that is grown organically will give better quality essential oils than the plants which were sprayed with pesticides or had industrial chemicals put into it. Another factor that can affect the quality is how it is harvested as well as the process used during extraction. Methods Of Extraction Oils can be extracted in different methods. There is the steam distillation which is the most common. Another is the cold pressed method, which is often done with citrus plants and nuts. Solvent extracted method, on the other hand, is often used when extracting oils from plants like jasmine and rose, whose oils are found in flower petals. This is harder to distill. That is why the solvent extracted are often used. A newer process called the super-critical carbon dioxide extraction method is being introduced in the industry but only a few make use of it. Essential Oils Benefits Essential oils are known as relaxants. It relieves the body its tension and oftentimes times muscle pains. In fact, studies have shown that aromatherapy and essential oils can help in distressing individuals and in relieving psychosomatic problems. Aromatherapy with the use of essential oils has been known to affect the health in a positive way. Essential oils for instance are known antiseptic. They are also studied to be stimulating to the immune system, helping the body fight off infections and illnesses. This free article is provided by the FreeArticles.com Free Articles Directory for educational purposes ONLY! It cannot be reprinted or redistributed under any circumstances. Article Copyright By Author. All Rights Reserved Worldwide.

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Acupuncture Therapy For Your Health

Acupuncture Therapy may be for you if you've tried other various traditional types of medical treatment for an illness, but none have worked to your liking. Acupuncture therapy, which has been used since ancient China to cure everything from back pain to headaches to infertility. Today, doctors are learning more and more about the many real health benefits of acupuncture, so the practice is becoming widely accepted when it was once considered a primitive kind of treatment. Talk to your doctor so that you can fully understand if acupuncture can help you. Acupuncture works by stimulating certain points on the body to heal you. A certified professional will first do an analysis by asking you questions about your health history and your current condition. He or she will also look at your skin color, tongue appearance, and dental health, as well as other things about your body. Your acupuncturist will then decide on the best course of action. Traditionally, acupuncture looks for the root of the problem and fixes that rather than simply treating the symptoms. All health problems stem from the dysfunction of energy flow in the body. The acupuncturist will stick small needles into your body at specific points to relieve the stress placed on this energy flow and hopefully correct it. These points are in places all over your body, but the process should not hurt or otherwise feel uncomfortable. If you are still wary about acupuncture therapy, you can do a special type that involves only points on your hands. This hand acupuncture can still treat illness throughout the body. When done correctly, acupuncture is safe and can be extremely effective. Your acupuncturist should be certified and have a legitimate business, so that you are sure that things stay safe. As with any technique that involves needles, make sure that your acupuncturist uses tools that are sterile. Your regular doctor should be able to direct you to a high-quality acupuncturist in your area so that you explore this treatment option. Acupuncture works best when used in conjunction with other forms of treatment, and can be used as a preventative method as well, so even if you are not currently suffering from any afflictions, you can use acupuncture to prevent medical conditions. Although it is still a kind of treatment that is met with much skepticism, acupuncture therapy has proven itself in today's medical world. Pursue this option when nothing else has worked, and remember to keep an open mind about it and about all forms of alternative medical treatment. This free article is provided by the FreeArticles.com Free Articles Directory for educational purposes ONLY! It cannot be reprinted or redistributed under any circumstances. Article Copyright By Author. All Rights Reserved Worldwide.

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Autism. Aspergers. What's The Difference?

by: Stephen Borgman
Asperger Syndrome is one of the autism spectrum disorders.

What are autism spectrum disorders? They are also called pervasive developmental disorders in the DSM-IV. These conditions are characterized by challenges/deficits of social interaction and communication.

Autism spectrum disorders begin in infancy or childhood. These conditions are not ‘cured’, as some might think. They are really just a different way of thinking and viewing the world. However, the challenges that arise in communication and social interaction should not be minimized, either.

According to Wikipedia,

ASD, in turn, is a subset of the broader autism phenotype (BAP), which describes individuals who may not have ASD but do have autistic-like traits, such as social deficits.[10] Of the other four ASD forms, autism is the most similar to AS in signs and likely causes but its diagnosis requires impaired communication and allows delay in cognitive development; Rett syndrome and childhood disintegrative disorder share several signs with autism but may have unrelated causes; and pervasive developmental disorder not otherwise specified (PDD-NOS) is diagnosed when the criteria for a more specific disorder are unmet.[11]

The Aspergers Autism Debate

Here is where the debate over the exact classification for Aspergers (AS) begins. The current classification of autism spectrum disorder, according to the researchers who are updating the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, 5th edition (coming out in May 20130, does not entirely reflect the true nature of autism spectrum disorders.

The plan is to eliminate the name of Aspergers Disorder, and put it under the umbrella of Autism Spectrum Disorders. There will be a focus on levels of severity, versus on the exact name of Aspergers.

This is a very controversial move, and researchers and doctors working on the manual still have not decided whether to call it a disorder or a syndrome.

(Personally, I like syndrome a whole lot better. While we don’t want to minimize the challenges that come with the autism spectrum, it’s too easy to miss all of the positive characteristics of the autism spectrum by calling it a disorder instead of a spectrum).

I hope this overview of the similarities and differences between Autism and Asperers was helpful.

About The Author
Hi! I'm Steve Borgman. I am a therapist who specializes in working with clients with autism, Aspergers, and attention deficit conditions. I love my work. I hope you'll come by my site, Prospering With Aspergers. http://www.myaspergers.net
The author invites you to visit:

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Fat Burning Secrets - Your Weight is Not that Important

That's correct folks. Your weight is not that important. Your body fat percentage is. What is body fat percentage? This is part of the composition of your body. Your body is composed of muscle and bones etc which makes up your lean body mass. Your body then has fat. The percentage of your total mass which is pure fat is called your body fat percentage.

Most people when they start a fat burning weight loss regime tend to concentrate on a goal weight. They focus on getting to this weight and don't realise that body composition is much more important.

Your body fat percentage is a much better indicator of your health. There are different recommendations for body fat percentage levels, but the following come from the American Council on Exercise.

Body Fat Percentages

An example of how body fat percentage is a much better indicator of health rather than something like BMI would be "fat skinny" people.

Say I am a woman who weighs 70kg and I am 168cm tall. My BMI of 24.4 tells me that I am in a normal weight range. I then go and measure my body fat percentage and the percentage of my body which is pure fat is 33%. This shows I am actually at risk. I have too much fat compared with lean mass on my body and so I am actually at risk even though BMI tells me I am normal weight range.

The same can go the other way say I am a male body builder who is 193cm tall and weighs 115kg. Of course this weight is muscle! My BMI would tell me that I am obese and yet when I do my body fat percentage testing I have a percentage of 8%. This actually means I am in the athlete class and not at all obese.

Focusing on body fat percentage rather than total mass is a much better option when setting goals. It is a much better indication on where you are health wise. The other reason is that muscle weighs more than fat and so sometimes when you build more lean mass you will see a gain on the scales which is actually good because it means your body fat percentage has dropped and you are healthier and leaner. Your muscles just weigh more!

An example of how body fat percentage is a much better indicator of health rather than something like BMI would be "fat skinny" people.

Say I am a woman who weighs 70kg and I am 168cm tall. My BMI of 24.4 tells me that I am in a normal weight range. I then go and measure my body fat percentage and the percentage of my body which is pure fat is 33%. This shows I am actually at risk. I have too much fat compared with lean mass on my body and so I am actually at risk even though BMI tells me I am normal weight range.

The same can go the other way say I am a male body builder who is 193cm tall and weighs 115kg. Of course this weight is muscle! My BMI would tell me that I am obese and yet when I do my body fat percentage testing I have a percentage of 8%. This actually means I am in the athlete class and not at all obese.

Focusing on body fat percentage rather than total mass is a much better option when setting goals. It is a much better indication on where you are health wise. The other reason is that muscle weighs more than fat and so sometimes when you build more lean mass you will see a gain on the scales which is actually good because it means your body fat percentage has dropped and you are healthier and leaner. Your muscles just weigh more!

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The best Diet solutions to supplement weight loss

Everybody aspires for a healthy body but often, many of us fail to keep a check over our weight. Any physical fitness trainer will tell you about the importance of the natural diet solutions for attaining success at your weight loss goals. Without proper natural diet, regular exercises will make your body weak and susceptible to fatigue and that may cause negative effects of weight loss oriented workouts.

Natural diets offer a wide range of options for the users with different set of priorities. As for example, if you are a diabetic patient, you may choose for specific diet solution for weight loss such as glycemic index diet. Such natural diet includes fiber-rich vegetables, fruits, and nutritious food grains like basmati rice, oats, barley, chick peas, quinoa and a lot more.

The fat burning effect of proper natural diet can be seen within weeks as you will experience a definite improvement while you will not suffer any weakness and fatigue. Without proper dieting solution, it is impossible to control your weight irrespective of how hard you work in the gym.

Many of the dieticians also offer organic natural diet that includes fresh fruits and vegetables that are grown in the natural manner without the use of pesticides and inorganic fertilizers. Organic diet doesn't include any food that uses preservatives or sweeteners. The idea behind organic natural diets is that the artificial additives like chemical fertilizers, pesticides, preservatives etc ruins the natural ability of food to provide better health. Organic natural diets include free-range eggs, hormone free milk, beef and chicken used and prepared without using any preservative. Organic natural diet also disqualifies the food grains and vegetables that are genetically modified (such as BT crops).

A healthy diet is the pre-requisite for a healthy body. With proper natural diet solutions, you will be able to experience the best and fastest possible fat burning effect and that will help you to lose weight but to retain required energy.

In order to attain highly qualified information and proper tips and instructions about how to lose weight and maintain health, one may visit the official website for The Diet Solutions at http://shmyl.com/elvhton that offers every bit of information about natural diets and their fat burning effects in details.

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Plano Dentist – Dental Health Tips For A Brighter Smile

Society places great importance on the appearance of one's smile. Many people work hard to obtain whiter and brighter teeth. A person's smile is often the primary characteristic noticed in first impressions. Therefore, caring for your teeth and taking part in good dental health practices should be an essential part of personal hygiene. There are a variety of dental health tips that one can take to create a more beautiful smile.

Choosing a Toothbrush
Everyone is aware that they need to brush their teeth regularly. However, few people understand the importance of choosing a proper toothbrush. Many believe that as long as they brush, they will have healthy teeth. However, the brush that you choose has much to do with how effective your brushing will be. When looking for a toothbrush, choose one that has a head of around 1 inch in length and a rounded appearance. The bristles should be soft and not cause damage to the gums. Avoid brushes that feel abrasive and can irritate the mouth. The average adult needs a brush with four rows of bristles while those with smaller mouths and children need a brush with three rows of bristles.

If the correct toothbrush is not chosen, the gums can become irritated and sore. This leaves the gums more susceptible to being attacked by gum disease. People with sore gums are also less likely to care for their teeth through regular brushing and floss due to the pain.

Visit a Dentist
Good dental hygiene also includes regular visits to a dentist. Gum disease is a common occurrence in adults. The reduction of plaque on the teeth during check-ups will reduce the amount of bacteria in the mouth. Thus, the likelihood of gum disease also lessens. During regular check-ups, the dentist can examine the mouth for any signs of potential problems and stop them before they occur or worsen.

Use Mouth Wash
Studies show that rinsing your mouth with a fluoride mouthwash can give you added protection when it comes to tooth decay. Using a fluoride rinse is especially critical for those living in areas where fluoride is not added into the water supply.

Floss Between Teeth
While people know that they need to floss, not many people actually do it. Brushing alone will not remove the food particles that are stuck between the teeth. If left, these particles will cause plaque and tooth decay. In addition to preventing cavities, flossing can also reduce the chance of developing periodontal disease, which often leads to tooth loss in adults. For a healthy mouth, you should floss at least once a day. Most people floss before bedtime after all foods has been consumed for the day.

Properly caring for your teeth and following good dental health tips are essential in having a bright and white smile. Good teeth and gum hygiene should be carried out on a daily basis. Bacteria can begin to cause plaque within 24 hours of remaining in the mouth. Without removing the bacteria, tooth decay, gum disease, and cavities begin to form. Rotten or poorly kept teeth are very unsightly when it comes to meeting and talking to others. Damaged teeth and gums can also be very painful and make eating and drinking near impossible. Dental visits to correct the effects of poor dental health are very costly. Therefore, caring for your teeth while they are healthy is the best, most affordable, and easiest option available.

If you live in the Plano, TX area and would like more information, please visit Dr. Barnett's website http://www.starranchdental.com. Dr. Barnett is a general dentist in Plano offering both general dentistry and cosmetic dentistry services.

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Benefits Of Reishi Mushroom

Some of the most marvelous advances in science are made with the help of things that have been around since the ancient times. Consider for instance, the Reishi mushroom or Ling Zhi as it is known in Chinese. This remarkable herb is known for its near miraculous properties in curing various diseases and has become widely accepted by most Western practitioners as well.

So, what is Reishi? It is an herbal mushroom typically found in East Asia. Reishi is found to be extremely useful in traditional Chinese medicine to cure and heal a number of ailments. Traditional Chinese medicine is a holistic form of medicine that relies on the concept of treating the patient in their entirety and not merely removing the immediate cause of their distress. In this, the Reishi mushroom has served to be invaluable and is found in many different herbal mixtures.

There have been numerous studies and research programs conducted with Reishi mushrooms, which have identified them as being safe and free from side effects. These studies orchestrated by Asian doctors, and carried out by their Western counterparts as well, have gone to prove the efficacy of Reishi mushrooms in healing and curing numerous diseases.

Components of the Reishi Mushroom

After plenty of research that has been conducted on Reishi mushrooms, it has been found that it contains water soluble polysaccharides which are known to reduce blood pressure and prevent the formation of tumors. It also has triterpenes, particularly ganoderic acids that are very effective when it comes to treating allergy related diseases and enhance the function of the liver.

Benefits of Reishi

Reishi, or Ling Zhi as it is commonly known is a very powerful herbal medicine that has been used in traditional Chinese medicine from time immemorial. Some people believe in taking Reishi every day because it strengthens the immune system and this is quite true. Meanwhile, here are some of the other benefits of Reishi and how they can help you lead a normal and healthy life.

* Consuming Reishi regularly can help you have better blood circulation, increasing your chances of living a healthy life.

* Reishi is known to help in the treatment of anxiety, blood pressure, hepatitis, asthma and insomnia.

* Specifically, Reishi is known to alleviate the symptoms of those who suffer from respiratory problems and studies have shown that those who have a persistent cough have found great relief from taking Reishi syrup.

* Reishi is also an antioxidant and helps prevent the formation of tumors and the accumulation of other cancerous cells. It also improves the efficacy of other antioxidants such as vitamins A, E and C, so that they become more powerful when taken with Reishi.

* While Reishi can help improve the quality of your physical life, it is also good for your mental health as it helps improve your mood and make you feel better.

* Reishi when combined with brain food like gingko, gotu kola and blueberry is fantastic for improving your memory and making your brain more sharp.

Side effects

Classic Chinese literature has demarcated Reishi as a superior herb. To make things more clear, it will be helpful to know that superior herbs in Chinese medicine are those that are not poisonous and that can be taken over a long period without any side effects. Nevertheless, studies even in the Western world have indicated that Reishi does not have any side effects. However, some people might experience the typical detoxification effects of skin rashes and stomach upset, which is a way of showing that indeed, the Reishi is doing its job and cleansing your body of toxins.

Harvesting and cultivating Reishi mushrooms

Typically, Reishi mushrooms are found growing on tree trunks in damp and warm areas. However, they are not easy to find and in China, they were mostly used by royalty as they were extremely expensive. Today however, Reishi mushrooms can be cultivated as well, and can be found in countries as diverse as the US along with most parts of Asia.

If you are harvesting wild Reishi from a tree, you need to hunt for a reddish orange fungus that has a smooth edge, sometimes having striations on the outer edge. It would be wise to venture out equipped with a picture for reference although Reishi mushrooms are known to curve out from the bark and back towards the tree where they curl deeply into themselves. The stem is long and tapered. Ensure that the Reishi is free from holes and or bruises and then loosen it from the bark by passing a knife under the stem so you can pop it out from the bark.

On the other hand, if you prefer to cultivate Reishi mushrooms at home, it's quite possible with some of the Reishi kits available in the market these days. Reishi kits come with comprehensive and step-by-step instructions that help remarkably when it comes to growing a Reishi crop.


The triterpenes in Reishi make it a very bitter mushroom. Also, it is highly advisable not to take it raw because of the bacteria that can be present on it. Reishi is available as a tablet, capsule or syrup, which can be used as medicinal supplements.

Reishi is indeed an amazing herb and a wonder medicine, the benefits of which are only now being discovered by the Western world.

About The Author
It is an herbal mushroom typically found in East Asia.reishi mushroom is an herbal mushroom typically found in East Asia. Reishi is found to be extremely useful in traditional Chinese medicine to cure and heal a number of ailments.
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Health Management

Somebody can continuously be positive that doing research on this subject matter can ultimately generate answers. The business related to the topic of health management is steadily growing. To remain current with the most recent information, you should consider signing up for an RSS take advantage of the topic of health management. Once you've accepted this, you will be ready to try to to your research in a very speedier fashion.

Don't be afraid to invest a little when it comes to the current because it can sway be worth it. Have you been making an attempt to locate reliable data concerning health management? Another useful tool for researching on health management is the net. One in all the largest you'll encounter as you are doing analysis on health management data is allocating the time to keep digging. While it is straightforward to become dispirited whereas you are researching health management net sites, realize that you'll pinpoint the type of information you're looking for before long. Discovering health management data on the net isn't troublesome, it simply takes a bit of diligence. Another encouraging thing is that as time goes on, there will be a bigger amount of good sources of details on this. When you've got used a web website like Raise Jeeves to find out about writing on this, do not overlook your library. Our love for health management writing has resulted during this website. We live in an attention-grabbing day where health management connected material is instantly at hand. Currently, there are a greater variety health management internet sites on the web than ever before. Remember, you're not going to search out every bit of health management information relevant. If you care for my opinion, use the net to collect information connected to health management. Uncovering the most helpful responses to your inquiries on the net isn't an arduous process. The online is full of fantastic and fantastic info connected to the subject of health management. Remember, as the web continues to develop, there will be many more authority web sites that can surface. The astounding issue concerning the information superhighway is that one can operate it from any location. The best search engine for researching health management releated data is Yahoo. Our health management data is created from the simplest and most acceptable subject matter on the internet. The business related to the topic of health management is regularly expanding. To stay current with the latest material, you ought to suppose regarding signing up for an RSS go after the topic of health management. It's our intention to deliver the most recent data and news on this matter as possible. Have you been trying to find useful information connected to health management? However another useful resource for researching on health management is the library. One in all the main hurdles you'll realize as you're doing analysis on health management material is setting aside the time to continue digging. While it is simple to become pessimistic while you're checking out health management resources, apprehend that you may come across the kind of info you are once before long. It is necessary to spot the best authorities offered on this topic. Digging up health management details on the WWW isn't arduous, it simply takes a bit of patience. Our passion for health management commentary has resulted during this website. We have a tendency to live in an fascinating day and age where health management connected internet sites is readily attainable. In these days's age, there are a greater selection health management pages on the web than ever before. Remember, you are not going to seek out that every piece of health management content descriptive. Most of the web pages that you discover on this topic can be helpful, but there will be some that will not be. If you want my input, use the information super high method to collect details on health management. Often you'll want to acquire wonderful research on this, however as a rule it's free. The net world is bustling with latest and latest information on the topic of health management.
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Healthy Bone For Preventing Osteoporosis

Software Engineer Karen Liew's mother suffered from osteoporosis three years ago and she is worried that, with her current sedentary lifestyle, she might be at risk of contracting the disease as well.

Karen's mother, Mdm Yam was diagnosed with osteoporosis and scoliosis in 2006 and is currently taking medication and regular private Tai Chi lessons on a weekly basis. Prior to taking up Tai Chi lessons, Mdm Yam had been taking calcium tablets for 2 years as prescribed by the doctor. Instead of showing signs of improvements, her bone mass density has shown to decline over the years. Her doctor feedback that the body does not absorb the calcium as intended and thus recommended that she should engage with regular exercise in conjunction with the medication.

Yip See Kit, senior coach from NewAgeTaichi which is also the personal trainer for Mdm Yam comments “Tai Chi exercise is considered as a safe and alternate complementary therapy for prevention of osteoporosis because of its weight bearing nature. Together with the focus on balance and fall prevention in the Tai Chi training program, it has greatly improved her condition.”

Coach Yip also conducted regular record of Mdm Yam's body composition measurement using Tanita InnerScan Body Composition Monitor before and after each Tai Chi lessons to monitor her bone mass and muscle mass. It was observed that she has been able to maintain her bone mass and that her BMR – basal metabolic rate also shows an increase after each Tai Chi lesson, which is one of the psychological benefits of exercise.

Jane Tan, senior coach of NewAgeTaichi with a Dip in sports & exercise science, stressed that the body need both exercise and vitamin D (readily obtained from sunlight) to effectively absorb the calcium into the body, otherwise the excess calcium will just pass out from the body as waste.

Since osteoporosis usually strikes women after menopause, a common belief is that it's an older women's disease. However, a recent study conducted in Britain by the University of Surrey and the Royal Cornwall Hospital in Truro in 2008 showed that 20 per cent of women aged 20 to 29 had low bone mass, which could lead to early onset of osteoporosis.

It would be a good idea for women to start engaging in weight bearing exercises (rebounding, running, jumping, jogging, Tai Chi, resistance training) as bone mass loss begins at around age 30, which will potentially lead to the disease and causing painful fragility fractures. Dr Lau Tang Ching, president of the Osteoporosis Society (Singapore), said that a person's bone mass usually starts declining by about 1 per cent a year after that age, and that a sedentary lifestyle together with poor dietary habits, which is often the result of living in a busy, modern world like Singapore, can multiple the risk of osteoporosis. In such cases, bone mass deterioration can occur at a rate of 2 or 3 per cent a year, he added. That, combined with unhealthy lifestyle choices, such as smoking means young people are at higher risk of developing this disease in the near future.

Dr Bernard Thong, head and senior consultant of the Rheumatology, Allergy and Immunology Department at Tan Tock Seng Hospital stressed that prevention is easier than cure when it comes to osteoporosis. And that specifically means reducing alcohol intake and smoking, increasing aerobic exercise and improving dietary calcium and vitamin D intake, said Dr Thong.

According to Ministry of Health clinical-practice guidelines released in January 2009, the incidence of hip fracture in Singapore has increased 1.5times in men and five times in women since 1960s. One in five dies within a year after sustaining a hip fracture. About 800 to 900 hip fractures occur every year in Singapore because of osteoporosis.

“Fragility fractures of the hip and spine can lead to significant pain and immobility, and affect daily activities, especially among able-bodied working adults,” said Dr Thong.

“We are currently conducting Tai Chi for Osteoporosis classes, which is a special program catered for osteoporosis patients to educate and guide how to exercise safely and effectively. We have been getting very well responses from the participants and the class does not only restrict to people with osteoporosis and is also suitable to people with all ages,” added Coach Jane.


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