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The Essence Of Aromatherapy

When you say aromatherapy, you immediately think of lighting scented candles or putting potpourri into a basin. But what you did not know is that these candles and potpourris have essential oils that provide them with the essential properties that make aromatherapy such a hit; the scent. Essential oils are said to be the heart and soul of aromatherapy. This is perhaps because it is the one that provides the main material used in this process. Essential oils are found in plants. From its roots to its fruits, essential oils are in their different parts. In fact, there are some plants that can provide you with different essential oils. Others can only give you one scent although the oils can be extracted in different parts of the plants. Quality Of The Essential Oil Extracted Despite coming from natural plant sources, essential oils have different quality. Like many products, some are better than others. Quality of the essential oils will depend on the plant source, how it was grown, the climate where it was grown and the condition of the soil. For instance, a plant source that is grown organically will give better quality essential oils than the plants which were sprayed with pesticides or had industrial chemicals put into it. Another factor that can affect the quality is how it is harvested as well as the process used during extraction. Methods Of Extraction Oils can be extracted in different methods. There is the steam distillation which is the most common. Another is the cold pressed method, which is often done with citrus plants and nuts. Solvent extracted method, on the other hand, is often used when extracting oils from plants like jasmine and rose, whose oils are found in flower petals. This is harder to distill. That is why the solvent extracted are often used. A newer process called the super-critical carbon dioxide extraction method is being introduced in the industry but only a few make use of it. Essential Oils Benefits Essential oils are known as relaxants. It relieves the body its tension and oftentimes times muscle pains. In fact, studies have shown that aromatherapy and essential oils can help in distressing individuals and in relieving psychosomatic problems. Aromatherapy with the use of essential oils has been known to affect the health in a positive way. Essential oils for instance are known antiseptic. They are also studied to be stimulating to the immune system, helping the body fight off infections and illnesses. This free article is provided by the FreeArticles.com Free Articles Directory for educational purposes ONLY! It cannot be reprinted or redistributed under any circumstances. Article Copyright By Author. All Rights Reserved Worldwide.

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