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The most important chance you might make to your lifestyle is with the food you put in your mouth, when you have been diagnosed with cancer

There are many cases of Cancer but the major is the wrong food you eat in everyday. As you ever been hear “You are what you eat”. There has been some research about Food and How food is related to cancer , It's only been in the last few years.It has been discovered many of our natural foods which are fruit and vegetables contain compounds; collectively called phytochemicals which are in these plants for their protection against predators and diseases and these same phytochemicals also have cancer fighting properties.

Some examples of these phytochemicals

Flavonoids; found in red onion and tomatoes, red cabbage, beetroot, which inhibits cancer.

Glucosinolates; found in tomatoes, red capsicum ,carrots and dark green vegetables, These found to prevent cancer of the intestines.

Carotenoids; found in tomatoes, red capsicum, carrots and dark green vegetables; stimulates the immune system.

Sulphides; found in garlic, onions, chives as well as spring onions; they have anti cancer protection.

Lycopene; found in tomatoes, It reduces the risk of both prostate and breast cancer.

Sulforaphane; are in broccoli and other cruciferous vegetables believed to aid in the preventing some types of cancer.

These phytochemicals are in freshly grown plant food but are removed or destroyed by modern processing.

Other food that research has found to be beneficial to a person who has cancer are;

Red grapes; which contain resveratrol, also found in red wine.

Turmeric; a member of the ginger family. Its active ingredients are curcumin and possesses numerous anti cancer properties. This is the yellow in curry powder.

Garlic; contains allium and several studies has shown it to be an anti cancer agent.

Ginger; has an anti cancer effect on the human body as it blocks the tendency of some carcinogens to cause mutations in the DNA.

Green tea; has a significant anti cancer effect.

Laetrile; also called vitamin B17 and is found in the following; millet, buckwheat, macadamia nuts, mung beans, butter beans, and the seeds of the common fruit, which is pip and stone fruit.

As you can see we have moved away from eating foods such as these to convenient foods or processed foods and when something is processed it looses its cancer fighting properties.

To cure your cancer you have to change your diet, because cancer cell are only a symptom of a poor diet.Your health professional not know this nature information because they are only taught their 3 methods of treating cancer which are a money orientated system of treatments.

The most powerful weapon to fight cancer is the food you choose to eat everyday and a strict natural diet will accomplish with no doctor, surgeon or oncologist could ever hope to achieve.
Nancy White



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Look beautiful

Skin care is a basic necessity for all women. Mary Kay brings a range of products for a good looking skin for women and children. Moisturizing lotion, body wash, body lotion, hand cream and other body care products are included in the Mary Kay collection of products. Other than these, cleansing gel, buffing cream, hand cream, hydrating lotion, shaving cream and body lotion are also offered by Mary Kay.

The products in Mary Kay are not restricted for general cosmetic category but found in a range of products for skin care like creams for eyes, lips etc. Mary Kay offers newest compacts among other products those are available. Some bronzing powders have the ultimate power to increase the beauty and also they are commonly used as the eye makeup. Mary kay provides quality assurance compared to unbranded local products available in the market for lower cost.

When these low quality, unreliable products are used, skin will be damaged and can lead to different problems. The chemicals used in the manufacture of such products will make your skin look pale and aged in a prolonged usage. Usage of Mary Kay products will prove the difference.

Some of the products of Mary Kay are manufactured with the interest of protecting the skin during seasonal changes which damages the skin. The products protect your skin especially during winter and these products are tested and certified by Medical Science.

The anti-aging creams of Mary Kay are gaining popularity. They make the skin look younger. There are products which also help in removal of dark spots in the skin and makes the skin look healthier and rich.


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Meditation As A Stress Relief Tool

Do you remember seeing comedy shows or skits when you were young where someone is practicing meditation. There was usually one person closing their eyes and "ohm"ing while the other person tried to imitate them or simply made snide remarks. While we used to look upon meditation as being funny, ridiculous, or just plain odd; we now know about all the benefits it has to offer. Originally, meditation was used to focus and gain religious knowledge. Now, it is commonly used to reduce stress and live longer, happier, healthier lives.

So why is mediation so helpful for relieving stress? First of all, it helps focus the mind on something that is deeply and spiritually rooted. By focusing on one thing, you're forced to forget the world around you and all the stressors that come with it. By closing your eyes and sitting in a quiet room, you also filter out the sights and sounds that may stress you. Meditation also helps repair the physical and mental damage caused by stress. The chemicals present in your body actually change during meditation making you more relaxed and peaceful.

The relaxing benefits from above are only the short term benefits Those factors are only successful in filtering out stress that you've already experienced and making you relaxed during and after your meditating. The real benefit of meditation is its longer term effects.

If practiced on a daily basis, meditation can actually balance the levels of hormones and other stress related chemicals on a day-to-day basis; even when you're not meditating. This means that meditation will not only help you unwind at the end of a stressful day, it can also leave you more peaceful and less stressed during your long day at work.

The best part about meditation is, unlike yoga, it requires no special physical skills. While good meditation requires mental skills, you can start small and build your way up as you get more practice. Here's how to get started.

* Find a quiet room and sit in a comfortable position. There is no specific "better" position, just one where you feel comfortable and can relax.

* Close your eyes and relax your muscles. Do this by focusing on each individual muscle, starting at the feet and working your way up. Focus on the stress leaving each muscle as it relaxes.

* Begin to breathe slowly while you repeat your mantra. This can be anything from the traditional "ohm" to something you find personally important. If you are religious or spiritual, you can chant something related to your beliefs.

* If you find your mind wandering, don't beat yourself up about it; simply remain calm and return to your focus word.

* After 15 to 20 minutes, you can stop meditating and sit quietly for a few minutes before you return to your regular life.

By doing this regularly, you will train your mind and body to be more relaxed, peaceful and focused. You will find this not only affects your stress levels, but also your physical and mental functioning.

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How Stress Affects Your Immune System

Have you ever noticed that you tend to get sick more often when you're stressed out? Scientists have noticed this connection for a long time, but until recently they couldn't explain it. While a big project at work or the loss of a loved one isn't going to give you the flu, it can decrease the functioning of your immune system and make you more susceptible to the flu and other infections.

It may surprise you, but short term stress actually boosts the immune system. Increased immune functioning is associated with the "fight or flight" response related to short term stress you know will end. This is because our body is still trying to adapt to beat the stressor instead of just letting the stress bear down. The problem with this is that a majority of our stress is continual over a long period of time.

Long term stress is what actually decreases our immune functioning. The worst kind of stress is not only long term, but stress we think we can't control or see an end to. For example, while meeting a deadline at work may cause a decrease in our immune functioning; it's probably not as bad as stress caused by a debilitating accident. When we think the stressor is beyond our control and may never stop, our body feels it can't cope with the stress and it begins to take its toll. This kind of stress causes a drop in almost all immune functioning.

For regular, long term stressors, the decrease in immune functioning becomes greater with time. This means even if you feel you are in a position of control, long term stress such as a high power job, can build up and gradually decrease your disease fighting abilities.

Another important factor to consider when looking at the immune system and stress is that the decrease in immune system functioning is greater for people who are elderly or already sick. This is likely why older people who are severely injured or have recently lost a loved one are much more likely to die within a year than those who haven't had these circumstances.

You may think, "Well, I'll drop my stress level and I'll be fine". However, studies have show that traumatic events can stick with us and affect our immune system long after the stressor is gone. If a person was in an accident, was attacked, or experienced a traumatic loss, they can show decreased immunities years later. The best way to increase immunities in this case is to undergo treatment for the trauma.

In addition to causing a decrease in immune system functioning, stress can also make you more susceptible to other long term diseases, such as cardiovascular disease. If you want to maintain a healthy lifestyle you should include activities and a proper diet that promote a less stressful lifestyle.

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