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Can Vitamins Really Help Me Grow Healthy Hair

An important factor most people overlook when they discuss a thinning or hair loss problem is nutrition. The modern diet for most of us is lacking at best. We should supplement our diets with vitamin and mineral supplementation. Even those of us who really watch what we eat, may not be getting enough of the key nutrient necessary for healthy hair growth. Getting proper nutrition is vital to healthy hair growth, while your body needs a variety of nutrients to maintain proper body functions, there are a handful that are key to hair growth and health.

First we need to caution you that when starting a new vitamin regime, consistency is very important. You also need to be patient, it normally takes from 2 to 3 months to see results in your hair's condition. It's also important to check with your doctor before starting a vitamin program, especially if you have health concerns.

Now that we have set a few parameters and made our cautionary statements, let look at some of the more important vitamins when it comes to hair health in no specific order. In an attempt to be as useful as possible we will list the vitamin, any good food sources, and a recommended daily dose for supplementation:

1. Vitamin A - Antioxidant that helps produce healthy sebum in the scalp. Food sources: Fish liver oil, meat, milk, cheese, eggs, spinach, carrots, apricots and peaches. Daily Dose: 5,000 IU.

2. Vitamin C - Antioxidant that helps maintain skin & hair health. Food sources: Citrus fruits, strawberries, pineapple, tomatoes, green peppers, potatoes and dark green vegetables. Daily Dose: 60 mg.

3. Vitamin E - Antioxidant that enhances scalp circulation. Food sources: Cold-pressed vegetable oils, wheat germ oil, soybeans, raw seeds and nuts, dried beans, and leafy green vegetables. Daily dose: Up to 400 IU. Warnings: Can raise blood pressure and reduce blood clotting. People taking high blood pressure medication or anticoagulants should check with their doctors before taking Vitamin E supplements.

4. Pantothenic Acid (Vitamin B5) - Prevents graying and hair loss. Food sources: Whole grain cereals, brewer's yeast, organ meats and egg yolks. Daily dose: 4-7 mg.

5. Vitamin B6 - Prevents hair loss, helps create melanin, which gives hair its color. Food sources: Brewer's yeast, liver, whole grain cereals, vegetables, organ meats and egg yolk. Daily dose: 1.6 mg. Vitamin B12 - Prevents hair loss. Food sources: Chicken, fish, eggs and milk. Daily dose

6. Biotin - Helps produce keratin, may prevent graying and hair loss. Food sources: Brewer's yeast, whole grains, egg yolks, liver, rice and milk. Daily dose: 150-300 mcg.

7. Inositol - Keeps hair follicles healthy at the cellular level. Food sources: Whole grains, brewer's yeast, liver and citrus fruits. Daily Dose: Up to 600 mg.

8. Niacin (Vitamin B3) - Promotes scalp circulation. Food sources: Brewer's yeast, wheat germ, fish, chicken, turkey and meat. Daily dose: 15 mg.

9. Biotin - Helps produce keratin, may prevent graying and hair loss. Food sources: Brewer's yeast, whole grains, egg yolks, liver, rice and milk. Daily dose: 150-300 mcg.

10. Inositol - Keeps hair follicles healthy at the cellular level. Food sources: Whole grains, brewer's yeast, liver and citrus fruits. Daily Dose: Up to 600 mg.

I hope this give you at least a basic understanding of what vitamins can help with hair thinning and or hair loss problems. There are many other products available that can be helpful. There are several prescription drug regimes to try, so take the time to speak with your doctor. There are also many herbal and natural hair growth remedies available without a prescription, we believe strongly that you should also discuss these products with your doctor.
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How To Protect Eyes?

As a saying goes, eyes are the windows of the soul. It is quite right. Eyes not only let us see the world clearly but also can express one's feelings truly. Moreover, some famous doctors give diagnosis or prescription by only looking into patients' eyes.

We read books and magazines, watch TV and films, drive cars and see the world almost with the help of eyes. It's known to all that eyes are organs of body and also a sensual acceptor. That is why many doctors know the patients' diseases only by their eyes. Therefore, it can be figured out that eyes play an important role in one's life. If your eyesight is down or even you can't see anything, your life would be changed completely. Therefore, we should do something to protect eyes from being damaged.

There're some tips on how to protect your eyes. Read them carefully and you will surely benefit from the follow suggestions.

1. You must check up the light to make sure that they are not shaking and glaring when you read or write. Meanwhile, let the light come from down or behind, and it will not beat your eyes directly. Don't be too mean about the cost of electric energy. Lighten the whole room not just the working space. Besides, watching TV at night still needs the light on all the time.

2. Once you feel your eyes are tired after a long time reading or writing, stop doing those things and have a rest for several minutes. During the break, you can close eyes or see distant objects especially green trees.

3. You'd better have an attention to the eyes when they are exposed in the strong sun's rays. They are prone to be hurt.

4. Don't rub your eyes when something goes into the eyes. Let tears and secretion wash out the foreign matters. If the body is too large, wash the eyes with flowing water. But acid, alkali or other chemical oxide should not be used. The best way is to wash out the eyes with clean water immediately and completely. Then you go to see a doctor at once. You can't settle the problem all by yourself properly.

5. Checking up the eyes is also of great importance to prevent eye disorders. Every child should be checked up before they go to school. Adults over 40 years old should have a regular check-up, maybe once a month or half a year.

6. Even though you have no symptoms of any eye disease, it proves not that you're safe and away from eye disorders. So when you hate to read, feel tired after a little time reading, always write wrongly, pay attention to one certain thing difficultly and have headaches at all time, you should pay more attention to your eyes.

In the end, I will be glad if the above tips would help you. Best wishes!
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After menopause do you still return with the monthly headache and other premenstrual symptoms?
every woman experiences differences thru and after menopause but premenstrual symptoms are seldom the problem. Instead at some point usually have the hotflashes that leave you cold and shivering after and drying up of our automatic vaginal secretions. Headaches and...

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what is the best over the counter I can buy that i am very dry down there! not comfortable have sex at all! HELP!! lubricants. lots of um. get turned on alot past you have intercourse. I'd unharmed heartedly suggest KY. They...

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After menopause, how do you correct vaginal dryness?
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Age for menopause?
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Almost 47, tremendously street lamp spell, on a sour brown discharge and some cramping. Start of menopause?
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Although I hold breasts some citizens pay tribute to 32ff, I thought that after the menopause, the pmt symptoms would?
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Am 35 and a virgin am i going to hold menopause?
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Am confused necessitate guidance in the order of menopause?
I am 35 I mostly have regular periods,this month have only spotting 4 1 hour took 2 preg. tests both neg. dr. say am not going through menopause. what is going on? I f your doc. can't tell you I sure as h*** can't. Go...

Am curious more or less menopause?
I had a partial hystorectomy about 10 years ago, they departed my ovaries in. No more periods after this . Some relatives tell me that I probally started to go through menopause soon after ward I dont really know, or follow,so I was hoping that someone could explain this...
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Long Term Diabetes Complications

The article aims to provide information about complications of diabetes. There are mainly two types of complications found in diabetes they are short and long term. Here we will discuss long term complications of diabetes.

Long term complications

Diabetic Retinopathy: Diabetes-related eye complications are very common. It is the leading cause of blindness and vision problem now. If left untreated, they lead to the deterioration of vision and ultimately blindness.

Diabetic Retinopathy is caused by damage to the small blood vessels of the retina in the back of the eye. The small vessels can be damaged by high blood glucose and high blood pressure. Thus an individual who suffers from hypertension is at a higher risk of developing diabetic retinopathy than those who have a normal blood pressure. The high blood glucose levels hinder the flow of blood, and thus oxygen, to the cells of retina. This hinders the working of retina and thus leads to improper vision. The early stage of this disease is called non- proliferate diabetic retinopathy, characterized by the development of occasional small blisters caused by enlarged capillaries and small hemorrhages on the surface of the retina. Moderately severe to very severe non-proliferative diabetic retinopathy is also known as pre-proliferative diabetic retinopathy. The blurred and distorted vision is because of macular edema.

Proliferative diabetic retinopathy is the advanced form of diabetic retinopathy; the new blood vessels break, as they are weak and leak blood into clear gel of the eye, which will lead to floating spots in the eye, blocking vision. The pace of damage is not similar in both the eyes but, both the eyes are affected by this disease. Some times one eye is affected more easily than other. After some period, the swollen and scar nerve tissue of the retina is totally destroyed and pulls up the entire layer of retina and detaches it from the back of the eye. Retinal detachment is the cause behind blindness among diabetics in middle age. A diabetic must go for the regular eye checkup so that the early stages of diabetic retinopathy can be detected and treated in initial stages itself, with less harm to the eyes. Blood sugar levels should also be monitored and maintained to prevent blood vessel damage.


There is no pharmaceutical therapy available at present that stops the progression of diabetic retinopathy by treating the underlying process of micro vascular damage. Current treatment options (generally reserved for late stage pre-proliferative and proliferative diabetic retinopathy and sight-threatening diabetic macular oedema) include two different forms of laser surgery. Laser therapy seals the leaking blood vessels in the macula, slowing the swelling that causes impaired vision. This procedure does not improve blurred vision but it can prevent it from worsening. While laser surgery can usually prevent vision from deteriorating, in most cases it cannot restore vision that has already been lost.
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